Questions & Answers

Who ever needs to track their alcohol consumption? Alcoholics? WTF?!

YesterdayMe is not for alcoholics — YesterdayMe is for fun! YesterdayMe is for nerds, geeks, people who use to drink alcohol from time to time, for partying people, for active web users, for getting to know something new about yourself, for connecting with friends, and for having fun! Feedback from our users showed us that people who are addicted to drinking alcohol completely deny the idea of even thinking about calculating how much they drank last night. Average YesterdayMe user's consumption is about 11 L of pure alcohol per year, which is about 1.5x less than an average men in the UK or Germany use to consume per year.

When will apps for iPhone and Android be released?

We don't know :( It would be cool to have YesterdayMe apps for iOS and Android, but currently we don't have resources to develop and release those apps. We will definitely work on making this happen someday, but there is no ETA for these apps for now. Thank you for being patient!

Can I enter more or less than I actually drank?

Sure! But if do so, reports that the service offers will not be of much use.

Who can access my data?

There are three privacy levels: private, only friends, and public. You can choose either of these in your account settings.

Why there is no “don't remember” option?

We did not introduce such check-in option because it would break all alcohol intake reports. If you don't remember how much alcohol you consumed, enter an estimate according to your feelings.

Calendar shows only last 8 days. How do I check-in for earlier dates?

You can enter data for any day in the past using either mobile version of YesterdayMe website or YesterdayMe Facebook app. Sorry, but it is the only way for now. In the future we plan to introduce the ability to add data for any date in the past using the main YesterdayMe website.

What is pure alcohol?

Pure alcohol (or absolute alcohol) is a 100% strong alcohol liquid (a liquid with ethanol content close to 100%). To compare: vodka is 40% strong, and beer is about 4—5%.

What are plans on future YesterdayMe improvements?

We are going to introduce API, release YesterdayMe apps for iPhone and Android, and to continue improvements of the service core.

Why do you offer premium accounts?

We are team of two indie developers, and we are self funded. Money earned from premium accounts help us maintaining the projects, paying for hosting, adding new features. Premium accounts are only $1/mo or $5/forever, and really help us to continue working on YesterdayMe. Payment can be made via PayPal or with a credit card (payment is processed by the secure payment gateway

Can I make a refund for my premium account purchase?

Sure. Email us during two weeks after you've purchased a premium account, and we will issue a refund on the credit card that you used for making a payment. Issuing refund on a different card is not possible.

Please add a %drink_name% to YesterdayMe calendar!

In the future we plan to add the ability for you to create custom drinks. (Though, the ETA of this feature is not disclosed for now. Sorry.)

How do I contact developers?

Drop us an email:
Detailed contact information is listed on the About page.