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Forecast for the entire 2021 28.91 L pure alc.
Days with alcohol 279 / 365
Number of peak days 16
Consumed liquid volume 345 L
Red wine 113 L
Beer 161 L
White wine 33 L
Champagne 10.24 L
Cognac 1.19 L
Rosé 2.96 L
Stout 8.69 L
Whiskey 864 mL
Vodka 805 mL
Something ≈40° 766 mL
Time required to wear off the consumed alcohol
Based on the assumption that alcohol is being weared off with a speed of 8 mL of pure alcohol per hour (which is average for humans). In fact, this is the time you are being under alcohol effect — non sober.
151 days
≈41% of your lifetime

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